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love your beats by nolangraf00 love your beats by nolangraf00
Heart in black and white permanent marker, "love your beats" black permanent marker, fonts done digitally along with "pin point" lines.
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JaeBlaze06 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Cool. I would love to have seen maybe those elements of music creating the shape of that heart? I like the "love your beats" at the bottom right of the back.
spratsanime Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
slikar10 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
This got to be my heart! hahaha I imagine him "saying" (don't worry there are enough space for all) hahaa

Chech out my design, vote if u like :D
Here's the [link]
miso-kingdom Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012

Please vote for my musically inspired t-shirts! [link]
GOITACa Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Nice concept!
elboogie2008 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Cool idea the only thing I would change is the fonts.. I think one font would of did the trick helvetica I think works great for this the heart was done really good tho concept..
GOKOYOKO Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
hahah nice idea =)) I like it..

if you like check out mine; [link]
repris Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
Hi, Nolan!

You have my support in the contest!

Best wishes,

Please, take a look/vote for my desings:


With joyful thanks! :airborne:
chrisscorza Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is better than mine xD But I went for simplicity and achieved it. This is nice too, in a separate way with a similar message. You've got my vote!
YCL101 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Great concept! The only thing would be to have the heart alil to the right, where our heart is on our left side, but i'm just being picky lol, I love it, great job!

Any advice for mine? [link]
manillalu Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
want more votes?

Because there are only two categories for this contest:newest and popular.

so unless you submitted art at the very last minute/ you have a lot of watchers, you won't get many views, so try and spread the word,
there is a solution:

go here:
nolangraf00 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012   Interface Designer
thank you! however i can't get the link to work =/ could you re-post the link for me?

and how does one's design become popular?
manillalu Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
oh, so sorry!
the link is;
if that doesn't work, the link is also on a journal entry on my profile:

Well, the art under the popular section of contests are from artists who've already been on DA a long time and thus have alot of watchers. Which is unfair for some artists, who might have great designs but haven't been DA members very long and/or don't have that many watchers. Same with regular art entries on deviant art. Stuff under the popular section of deviant art are the works of already well-established artists with more watchers. Contest-wise unless you have alot of watchers to begin with, it is hard to get noticed, unless you're in the newest section. But the problem with the "newest" section is that often times you'll only see the art of the people who submitted their art at the very last minute. Whereas the people who had the misfortune of submitting early won't have their art showcased on the very first page under the "newest"section. Our entries would be at the very end, but nobody will bother troll through thousands of entries to look at the earliest ones.

it is very unfair, so there is this one person who's trying to counteract that. Like a way for artists without many watchers to kinda get more exposed.

I hope this helps. Good luck!
nolangraf00 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012   Interface Designer
i get the idea and the concept, but what do i have to do though? post a link of my design on his journal comment then add watches and favorites to design i like? is this correct? sorry i am really new to this website =/
manillalu Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Try featuring all your favorite contest designs of other artists that you like, along with your own art. Once you feature their art, you can tell the other artists that you featured their art. They will definetly check out your link after seeing that. Just pass on the idea.

(go on your profile to find the journal post, add the link (copy and paste url) of the feature challenge, or do a feature of your own.)
nolangraf00 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012   Interface Designer
woops, never mind just clicked in the ole noggin' THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!
nolangraf00 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012   Interface Designer
Everybody loves their beats, whether you are cruising down the strip, or running to your favorite playlist... you have to love your tunes. In order to convey this philosophy what better way to show it, then with a heart! I wanted to put a cool vibe into this, i decided to use just straight up black and white, the essence and presence of all color. I didn't want some regular heart, i wanted something with more depth i took my inspiration from and old school anatomy book (again inspiration, not a photo copy) i love the ruggedness of the drawings in those, the internal components of a body, where it shows just enough detail for your brain to fathom how one may be laid out, yet is lacking the finesse of a digitally rendered heart. After all the feeling going into that, i went to the roots of music, the basis of where all these rad new genres come from, and i made those the labels of the heart instead of the chambers and ventricles!

Love your beats was trickier, i had to do a little more than just draw a heart and label it with genres, so i scoured sheet music to find possibly notes or symbols that i could implement as letters, and eureka i noticed that a treble clef had similar characteristics as the american cons-anent "b" and behold the vintage feel and musically inclined "love your beats" characters!

So all said and done, there are multiple meanings behind this, what i got out of it goes as follows...

Heart beats=Music beats
Heart Love=Music Love

Coming all together and a double meaning!


I hope you enjoy, are inspired or even just appreciative of this tee shirt design!

Thank you Everyone! =]
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July 5, 2012
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